International Missionaries
January 01, 2011

Al & Rhonda Juve have served as missionaries to Japan since 1983.  Graduates of Nebraska Christian College, they moved to Kagoshima Prefecture at the southern end of Kyushu where Al served as the minister of the Sueyoshi Church of Christ from 1985-1996.  In 1994 they started helping part time with a student Bible study at Miyazaki University. The Bible study was started by Christian international students who had come to Miyazaki from other countries to pursue graduate degrees.  In 1996 when they returned from their third furlough, God made it possible for them to move to Miyazaki to work full time with this student group. There are a good number of Christians among the international students, and they in turn are having an impact on the university students and Japanese community around them.

Joshua & Ruth Barron are missionaries to the Maasai of Kenya with CMF International.  Joining the team in January 2007, their focus is on discipleship and leadership training.  One of their primary roles has been the development of curricula for the Maasai churches in the Maa language.  They have completed their first book of lessons i the Maa language, "Enkinosata Ororei Le Nkai" ("Eating the Word of God").  Besides continuing this work, they plan to train church leaders as curriculum developers themselves and to develop a prayer ministry.

Ghana Christian Mission is a charitable organization devoted to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and in deed.  Their specific purpose is (1) providing for the expansion of Christianity in Ghana, West Africa, (2) evangelizing in the name of Jesus Christ and planting and building urban churches, and (3) serving the Ghanaian ministries and evangelists for the effective services of health, education, agriculture, and industries.